2022 Session

We are nearing the end of the legislative session, and very few bills remain to be heard. I am proud to report that I have now had more bills signed into law than any other current House Democrat.

Updated Dem bills

Six of my bills were signed into law in 2022. Several of these bills were born out of a conversation at a door:

  • Allowing cities to prohibit fireworks after 11pm
  • Reducing obstacles for HIV tests, as requested by our LGBTQ community
  • Enacting a comprehensive plan to reduce assault on all health care workers
  • Addressing health care worker burnout by creating a wellness program
  • Requiring smoke recovery devices in the operating room for nurses’ health
  • Ensuring that patients receive the best care and ER transport on 911 calls

Several of my bills passed House and Senate committees:

  • Banning the declawing of cats in Arizona
  • Funding education and rehabilitation of youth in county jails
  • Compelling release of prisoner medical records to designated family
  • Creating a statewide nondiscrimination law for our LGBT community and banning conversion therapy
  • Enhancing postpartum care for women

Meanwhile, I remain focused on issues of recent concern to our district:

  • Supporting efforts to alleviate our housing and homelessness crisis
  • Supporting common-sense efforts to prevent firearm violence
  • Opposing all efforts to create obstacles to voting
  • Opposing all efforts to limit reproductive rights