Every kid deserves a real chance.

Arizona ranks dead last in the country in teacher pay. We rank nearly last in spending per child. As a solution, Doug Ducey proposed approximately a $1 per day raise, but no significant funding to cover the massive shortfall. Over multiple years, our legislature has failed to fund education as required by the Arizona Constitution.

Kids cannot vote. They depend upon an education system to give them the tools they need to succeed. Without proper education, we cannot maintain a thriving democracy nor a robust economy. This is a moral outrage.

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my teachers. I had a rough childhood, but two teachers in particular showed me generosity and kindness and with that encouragement, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I now serve the public and save lives. As a former medical school faculty member, I stand proudly with Arizona’s teachers and will demand that we pay them at a level equal to the median teacher pay in the United States.


I stand for UNIVERSAL health care.

Recently I saw a man in the ER in his 40s. He rebuilt cars for a living. A few weeks before I saw him, his leg had been severed in an ATV accident after a strut failed, and it was no fault of his own. He had it re-attached, but needed follow-up care and could not get it. Since his deductible was so high, he could not afford the office visits for his surgeon. He came to me with a severe infection. So now he has a real chance of losing a limb. I wish his story were unique.

I also met a woman named Carla while campaigning. She told me she voted for Trump, and that we should give him a chance. She said she was worried about her health insurance because it cost so much, but that Trump would help. She told me that she loves Starbucks coffee, but it hurts her that she can't afford more than one cup per month. I told her I felt her pain, and she told me she would follow my campaign.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the US House and Senate voted to strip millions of American citizens of their healthcare with Trump in support. I ask elected Republicans: How can you do this to your own people? How do you betray many older, lower-income Americans who voted for you?

I am a physician who works all over Arizona in our Emergency Departments. Every day, I take care of people without any regard for their ability to pay. Many are in the ER because they have nowhere else to go, but the ER cannot provide comprehensive care. People need specialists and office visits too. They shouldn't lose everything they have worked hard for because they are sick.

So stand with me. I stand for ALL AMERICANS to have ease of access. When you are sick, you come to me and focus on getting well, not your wallet. And if you stand for being cruel to other Americans, then I will work to throw you out of office.


I stand with the people of Arizona.

We Arizona voters have the ability to enact laws by putting important issues directly on the ballot. In 2016, voters approved Proposition 206, which increased the minimum wage and gave many Arizonans a much-needed raise.

In response to Proposition 206, Republican legislators in 2017 introduced and passed several bills that made it more difficult for the people to enact laws.

I stand firmly against every last one of these measures, as well as the “dark money” bill passed by the Republicans and Doug Ducey in the last session. I believe in a transparent democracy where the people hold power. To that end, I will ONLY accept individual donations in this campaign and every one will be part of the public record.