May 2023

I am honored to have been nominated for two 2023 Best of the Capitol Awards from the Arizona Capitol Times. I appreciate the readership for the nominations:

  • Best Elected Democrat
  • Best Bill Sponsor

The American College of Emergency Physicians also just announced that I am the recipient of a national honor, the Pamela P. Bensen Trailblazer Award. Dr. Bensen was the first female Emergency Medicine resident among other pioneering achievements, and the award is given to a physician for seminal contributions over time to our specialty. I appreciate the recognition profoundly.

The Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association also presented me with an award for Outstanding Service to Community Health at their annual meeting. I am deeply grateful for the honor.

April 2023

September 2022

I was very honored to host United States Senator Cory Booker at my home for dinner. Thank you Sen. Booker for your service, and I'm looking forward to working with you on several issues to help move our country forward. 

Senator Booker

August 2022

We were overjoyed with our resounding first-place victory in the LD5 Democratic primary. Thank you to all of our supporters. 

LD5 Dem Primary election results 2022


June 2022

My campaign has always been centered around knocking doors to meet the people of our district face to face and engage in real conversations. I have personally knocked on over 14,000 doors as part of this effort.

Sometimes though, knocking doors can even save lives. Last month, I was at a door in Sunnyslope and noticed this little creature by the side of house in a flower bed. He was the size of my hand.

Mr. Flowerson found

It was 104 degrees, there was no momma cat in sight, and there was no water available. He was trying to move around, but lacked energy. His eyes were totally crusted shut, and he was not able to fend for himself. I knew he would die soon if he remained there. 

So I put him in my car and we took a little trip to the Arizona Humane Society not far away. They cleaned him up, hydrated him, and gave him veterinary care. Dr. Steven Hansen, DVM, the CEO, is an amazing individual!

Mr. Flowerson in AZHS

Our next stop was to see Missy Pruitt, who founded La Gattara Cat Cafe in Phoenix. She put him in a little shoe and provided round-the-clock care. We didn't still know whether he was going to survive because he was so underweight. 

Flowerson in shoe

Now it's been a few weeks later, and I am so happy to report that Mr. Flowerson has made a full recovery! I now consider him to be the official mascot of this campaign. As you can see, he is very affectionate and curious, learning all about the world, especially his own tail.  

Flowerson recoveredPruitt

I want to thank all of the amazing people who helped make this possible. I strongly encourage trap/neuter/release in our communities to avoid having this happen to others. When I was growing up, animals brought my family together, and that's why I am such a huge animal advocate at the Arizona legislature. 

Thank you to all of our health care workers. I am so proud to work alongside you every day. I realize COVID19 was hard on all of us, and I am continually in awe of your resilience. Thank you especially to the Arizona Nurses Association for their endorsement this month!


Happy Pride month. I'm proud to announce that we've been endorsed by Equality Arizona, a leading local Arizona LGBT advocacy organization. Thank you, and I'm honored to have your support!

Equality Arizona logo

May 2022

I am honored to win several major awards for my efforts at the State Capitol:

  • 2022 Women’s Health Champion / Legislator of the Year from the Arizona College of Obstetrics and Gynecology for supporting reproductive rights
  • 2022 and 2020 Humane Legislator of the Year from the Humane Society of the US
  • 2022 Distinguished Community Service Award from the Arizona Medical Association
  • 2022 Nursing Hero Award from the Arizona Nurses Association
  • 2022 President's Award for Mental Health Advocacy the Arizona Psychiatric Society 
  • 2022 Health Care Hero Finalist from the Phoenix Business Journal
  • 2020 and 2021 Best Political Rising Star Award from the Arizona Capitol Times

I would like to thank each of these organizations for their trust and support.