Amish's Story

Between all the bullying and an unpredictable family situation, I had a pretty rough childhood. There were times I would go to my room and pray that God would just take my life, because there seemed to be no safe place for me. But somewhere around 6th grade, the unexpected happened. Two teachers, Mrs. Weber and Ms. Meres, took an interest in me, not just as a good student, but as a good person. They saw I needed support, and gave me kindness, generosity and encouragement.

Eventually, I paid my own way through medical school, allowing me to build an independent and fulfilling career as an ER doctor. I became a faculty member, educator, researcher, and even worked for the NFL. You see, this story would never be possible in other places like India where my parents grew up. But I was born in America, and the American people cared for me and invested in me.

I know how our kids need our full support and encouragement to reach their potential, especially here in Arizona where we have an underfunded and broken system. So I will fight harder than anyone to make sure every kid gets a real shot like I did. I will demand that teachers get paid well and treated with respect. And anyone who messes with an American kid will have to mess with me.